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We now provide spectacles completely FREE to all children under the age of 16.

This includes:

Eye Test

10 King Street
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Tel: 01748 823 133
Tel: 01325 463 479
Tel: 01325 463 479
Tel: 01748 823 133
Contact Lenses
Today there is an enormous range of contact lenses, both soft and gas permeable. We offer a complete range of lenses whether you are looking for disposal lenses that can be worn once and then thrown away, monthly lenses that give you the benefit of clean fresh lenses every month but reduce costs, extended wear lenses that allow you to sleep in your lenses for up to one month at a time or even lenses that will keep you going until they need replacement.
Whatever your needs we should be able to find a lens for you.

This range can be coupled with simple “pay as you go” payments direct from your bank which means you can sit back and relax whilst your new lenses arrive automatically, your eye examination  fees are all covered and you even get a discount if you need glasses as well.

All major brands are available so contact us today to arrange a trial lens fitting.
We supply contact lenses by:
Johnson & Johnson     Ciba Vision     Bausch & Lomb     Provis     Cooper Vision

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