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Tel: 01325 463 479
Tel: 01748 823 133
Retinal Photography
Retinal photography assists in the detection and management of problems such as diabetic changes, hypertensive retinopathy, macular degeneration, optic nerve disease, and retinal holes or thinning. We recommend that all our patients receive this test. It is especially important for people with a history of high blood pressure, diabetes, retinal diseases, flashing lights, floaters, headaches, or a strong glasses prescription.
These pictures are stored in the computer for future comparison. This is important, if any abnormalities are discovered, to allow us to follow the progress of glaucoma, freckles in the eye (nevi), and the configuration of the veins and arteries in high blood pressure and diabetes.
High Resolution Retinal Photography, uses a computer-integrated digital imaging system to record a detailed view of the retina. Since nothing touches the eye, photo-documentation is painless. This digital image provides an excellent reference point for future comparisons.
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As with most things in life, prevention is always better than cure. The procedure is entirely painless and carries no risks or side-effects. Talk to us and let us explain this procedure to you fully.
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